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What we do

Andina Advisory is a strategic leadership consulting firm offering collaborative solutions to help senior leaders and teams navigate the human side of transformation and change.

We help our clients know and understand their talent on a deep and individual level, plan for critical leadership changes, build and sustain high-functioning teams, and realize new possibilities for themselves as leaders.

Andina Advisory also uses the power of cutting-edge technology to help C-suite leaders make sense of the unstructured data at their fingertips, allowing them to make more informed decisions about organizational culture and the growth, development, and effectiveness of their people.

We are an international firm based in Santiago, Chile, conducting work in English and Spanish. Part of a powerful ecosystem of like-minded organizations, Andina Advisory leverages world-class tools and approaches to create better leadership and greater possibilities.


Our Collaborative Solutions

At Andina Advisory, we know that our clients operate within their own unique context. Critical to the success of any project is understanding this context and anchoring our work and our results to it.


While no two approaches are alike, we base our client offering around five core collaborative solutions.


Executive Assessments

Helping you maximize your investment in your talent

You have invested time and money in your organization’s leaders, but how well do you really know them? How do their unique profiles align to the strategic direction you want to take your organization?

Building the context

  • Context discovery

  • Personal interview

  • Self-assessment

  • Live referencing

Interpreting the data

  • Simple, personal, and straightforward reporting based on robust examples and data

Aligning and feedback 

  • Stakeholder debrief

  • Personal feedback

  • Looking ahead

Your Context  +  Our Experience  =  Actionable and Relevant Insights

C-Suite / Family

Succession Planning

Anticipating your leadership team's future in an uncertain world

Your leadership team is strong and produces excellent results today, but the world is volatile, and the future is uncertain. You don't have to predict change, but you should anticipate it—whether it comes tomorrow or 10 years from now.

Define the future you want

Assess your talent

Give feedback and create a plan

Make it sustainable

What kind of future are you building for your organization?

Team Effectiveness

Getting everybody rowing in the same direction

Your team is full of high performers, but how do they work together? Are they achieving the results they say they want to achieve?  

Dig deep

With a team effectiveness assessment


Through inquiry and based on your team's situation

Move forward

To build new muscle and create excellent results

Everyone's oar should touch the water at the same time.

Executive Coaching

Inspiring leaders to explore and maximize their professional potential

Coaching is a powerful tool that creates a space for inquiry, reflection, development, and growth. In business, coaching can help you be even more effective and create excellent results.

Understand the context

Baseline assessment

Goal setting

Coaching sessions

Stakeholder engagement


Andina Advisory follows ICF coaching methodology.



Culture Improvement

Unlocking years of insights and trends from data that you already have

A typical leadership team may make 95% of their strategic decisions, including about culture and people, using just 10% of their organization's data¹.

How much of your data are you using?

More dynamic people and culture data

Better insights

More informed decisiones at the top

Drive your culture

Use more of your organization's data to design more effective and dynamic feedback processes and drive your organizational culture so you can attract, develop, and retain the best talent.

¹ Forest Rim Technology. 2021.

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